One thing each and every one of us knows, is that our eating habits directly affect the quality of our skin. If one is eating the incorrect stuff, or not enough of the "good stuff" one will run into issues. Our body needs nourishment and this depends on us to deliver.  If you are feeding your body an excess of carbs, sugar, processed foods and oils your body will lack the healthy glow we all search for. Fibre and Amino acids will be largely lacking from your diet, these two elements are very necessary for your skin to thrive. 

"A diet focused on, high-quality lean proteins, fibre and healthy oils, raw fruit and vegetables and spices is best for supporting healthy skin, "Paula Simpson, nutritionist and co-founders of ZSS tells us. "These foods tend to contain high-quality amino acids --the building blocks for firm skin--plus anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich Ingredients that promote optimal skin metabolism and defence against environmental stressors." (

One of the stressors they discuss is the free-radical damage, which can weaken one's skin and lead to it becoming uneven. It can even trigger inflammatory reactions, which has a negative effect on one's collagen and even thin the skin. So what simple changes can we make to better our lifestyle and fridges. No matter you skin type or age, the following changes in diet can and will help.


Normal to combination skin types will benefit best from these three.

1.Ginger: A root well known for it's high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can be added to or made into your morning tea or as an added ingredient in your smoothie.

2.Chia Seeds: Have plenty omega-3 fatty acid, which help boost Natural collagen production. Also, Chia seeds make for an incredible addition to any breakfast smoothly or cereal, and leave one feeling full but not bloated.

3.Tomatoes: Contain lycopene when broken down is actually carotenoids, which is high in antioxidants as well as properties that help reduce inflammation. Tomatoes are also said to improve ones cellular function and aid smoother and more supple feeling skin.


If you suffer from Acne the next three are your ticket.

4.Oatmeal: Low on the glycemic index Oats have been said to reduce inflammation. Many people add semi cooked oats to their facial mask one a week as well. 

5.Yogurt: It's no secret really, plain yogurt is a brilliant natural probiotic that helps calm the digestive system and aids supple and healthy skin. It helps to keep the intestine balanced and acid free. An acidic environment in one's body, is really asking for further health related issues. So keep it neutral.



If you have oily skin listen up.

6.Sweet Potatoes: Well believe it, Sweet Potatoes have a high level of Vitamin A. Vitamin A has been shown to naturally reduce the level of oil produced by the skin. If you're not a fan of Sweet Potato, don't fret carrots are the next best thing. The big thing to remember when attempting to get your levels if Vitamin A up, is that doctors warn against using a supplement to do so. Reason being is that many people overdose and they don't even realize it. The symptoms of Vitamin A overdose are as follows: Dizziness, blurred vision, and constant dull deep bone aching.

7. Cinnamon: Not only is this spice delicious, but it also has medicinal. Using the basic spice as a part of your facial mask, or even just in your smoothie in the morning makes a difference. The Spice has been known to help stabilize one's blood sugar levels, as well as naturally stimulating blood circulation and thus helping new skin cell generation. Plus let's be honest it smells delicious and adds a zing to everything.


What about DRY skin?

8. Almonds: Oh nuts, you've got dry skin now what? Well naturally nut like almonds, Hazelnuts as well as many other ingredients such as Avocados and Spinach contain Vitamin E (our oily vitamin). Vitamin E is not only a brilliant antioxidant but it also encourages our body, to naturally produce the needed amount of natural oil on the skins surface. This Vitamin also aids in stopping free-radical production, thus helping your body to prevent the development of chronic disease and promotes healthy immune system.


9.Vitamin B12: The best form of Vitamin B12 we can consume is, fish and dairy products. A delicious alternative to bought supplements, this is a fatty vitamin that helps promote skin cell reproduction. A lack of Vitamin B12 usually results in dry, flaky patches of skin. These patches get worse due to irritations such as exposure to the sun, cosmetic products, and environmental attributes.


10. Calcium Montmorillonite: A 100% Organic compound sourced and mined from dormant volcano ash, deep under the earth surface. This brilliant compound can be added to your smoothie in the morning, water last thing at night or even topically as a facial/body mask. It helps fight free-radicals from the skin (Which in RSA is a thing), draws impurities to the skins surface, stimulates blood circulation and can be used on all skin types. Calcium Montorillonite if taken internally releases trace minerals into the body, which is a subtle way to increase the number of nutrients the body & skin receives.


In a nut shell, before you run off to a Dermo and pay a packet look at your diet. It seems simple changes in ones diet can help our skin more than we  care to realise. Ultimately a healthy diet will benefit us far more than just our skin.