As the end of the year approaches, we all start slowly down. Energy levels are at an all time low, from the year almost past. So what can one do to insure we don't crash and burn, but rather fully enjoy the festive season with friends and family. 

Here are a few tips to keep energy levels high and your immune system up.

1. Increase H2O intake:

Possibly the most important tip that one can put into practice, will be to keep yourself hydrated. Being even slightly dehydrated can leave a person feeling, slow, lethargic and grumpy. Now as tempting as it is to veg out on fizzy drinks and maybe even the fermented type, it is highly effective as an energy booster to keep your H2O levels high. 

2. Magnesium Levels:

Increase your magnesium intake, this mineral is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in ones body.  Without magnesium our body cannot maintain a healthy calcium level, which is key for those healthy bones and energy. Magnesium is also responsible for the break down of glucose into energy. Many people try taking oral versions of magnesium, which is a great start but it's only that, a start. It takes oral applications of magnesium a minimum of 6 months to get you to optimum levels. Where as a transdermal application (such as the Magnesium Spray Healthway offers : is absorbed through ones skin and works 5 times faster, thus you will see the results far faster. 

3. Vitamin B:

Then taking a light vitamin B supplemt will help. Many people opt for a once of pinch to have a vitamin B shot, other prefer the road less travelled. Fish, eggs and dairy are high in vitamin B if you would prefer a natural increase of the vitamin. 

4. Power Naps:

Take power naps. Well since it's the time to be jolly and let's be honest, lazy. Take a nap every other day for no longer than 60 minutes, it has been said that a power nap helps you absorb information and reboots your energy levels.

5. Oxygen Levels:

We all need high levels of oxygen in our blood to function at our full potential, as we all know we don't breathe deep enough to obtain these levels. Perhaps it's the busy lifestyle or stress, who knows? Therefore to help one get to the optimum levels of oxygen in ones body try a supplement. Using a Oxygen supplement will help energize and detoxify at the same time. A great advantage of this is not only higher energy levels, but a well oxygenated body in turn will help kill bacteria and viruses in the blood. So it's really a win win. To purchase a supplement visit:

6. Increase Activity:

One can also consider being slightly active, even if it's a medium paced walk around the block. If you are lucky enough take a walk on the beach, the fresh air and desire to take deeper breathes and get you blood pumping are very good for mind, body and soul. You might be thinking, that a walk when you're already feeling exhausted is the worst idea. But truth be told experts say increasing physical activity, particularly walking increases energy levels. 

7. This tip is my favourite, remember to snack.


Let's remember there are healthy and unhealthy snacks, so skip the chocolates and chips and opt for a healthy cracker with cream cheese or even some chicken pieces alongside a salad. Having enough protein will help you body to keep its energy levels high. Remember the other places you can find protein in a quick easy snack are nuts, avos and edamame. See here for quick easy protein based snacks:

Thank goodness 2016 is drawing to a close, so lets start 2017 off refreshed and healthy.