Why the need for Detoxification?

Unfortunately the world we live in today is heavily polluted and our bodies are being exposed to more toxins than ever before. Our Tap Water (Chemicals & Metals), The Air (Pollution), Medications and even The Food (Chemicals, Pesticides and preservatives) So what can we do? 

The best option is start with a detoxification to insure our bodies don't get completely overloaded.

These 5 Easy Steps will get you on your way to a happier, healthier you.

1. Know what you are consuming:  Take the time to read and educate yourself, to what those terribly long words on the labels of the foods you consumed actually mean/are. Best way to insure your body remains clean is to only put the best in, Clean Eating.

2. Hydrate The Best way Possible: You all know what i'm going to say next, so here goes..... FILTERED Water! This will help your body steer clear of dehydration and help flush your system of toxins far faster. Another great trick is to include FRESHLY SQUEEZED Lemon juice, as much as you can handle as this will help alkalize your body. A body with a healthy PH doesn't promote itself to infections. When you drink other fluids try keep it clean: By this we mean Herbal Tea (i.e. Rooibos Tea, Green Tea) or freshly juiced Fruit and Vegetables, Raw is best. Keep in mind that fruit does have a high natural sugar content so be sure to keep it at a 60:40 Ratio.

3.Remove Sugar from your diet: This is the hardest one, but Just this one change can make a huge difference to your body and the way it runs daily. The best is also to avoid man-made substitutes, as the list of ingredients has their own side effects. one could turn to natural sweeteners such as Honey or Coconut Sugar.

4. Try using a Probiotic: A Natural Probiotic can be bought as any main steam Health Shop and kept in your fridge for daily usage. If you're not a fan of purchasing one you can also try increasing the amount of Foods you eat that contain live cultures like Yogurt and Kefir.

5. Reduce the stress levels: Yes we all have stress and different levels of it. The true Key is finding a way that works for you to release this stress in a healthy way. Some choose Gym, Reading, Walking, Yoga, Hiking and even Swimming. Pick a healthy outlet that encourages you to get out of the surroundings you are always in, get fresh air and best of all MOVE!