Imagine an all-natural 4 step process to remove Acne.

Skin problems start from within the body, the reason a large percentage of the population has skin problems is because we are exposed to far more chemicals than ever before. Whether we are consuming them in our foods or simply being exposed to them in the air that we breathe, it’s a problem.  Our skin is the bodies largest detox organ and this is where the body tries to get rid of toxins. The best kept secret that can help not only your skin, but your body get rid of the toxins we all are exposed to is a volcanic ash. Yes you read correctly, its official name is Calcium Montmorillonite. How does it do this, well when taken internally this living clay adsorbs 30 times its own molecular weight in impurities & toxic waste and removes it out of the blood. Its job is to remove anything that the body is already rejecting out of the blood into the colon. It is then trapped into its magnetic surface and eliminated naturally. In this way the clay helps the body in reducing the toxic build up that causes skin problems.    


Well the benefits don’t stop at its internal capabilities. This Living Clay (Calcium Montmorillonite) can also be used externally to treat skin conditions. When it is mixed with warm water to a smooth paste it becomes active (how science-like).  The clay is applied to the affected area and kept wet. The mask is left on the area for 20 -30 minutes.  This Clay has an amazing drawing power, which draws the pimples to the surface where they can be eliminated. Yes you will have a break-out before it gets better, so don’t do it just before a special event! Living Clay also kills bacteria on contact plus calms & heals the skin. It has the ability to reduce marks & blemishes from old pimples as well. 


Don’t underestimate what clay can do to support good health. Every cell in our body excretes unwanted material, which can become toxic and poisonous to our bodies if allowed to build. Therefore, it is imperative to naturally detox to rid yourself of the deleterious effects of impurities and toxins. Take control of your body by safely detoxing to help regain and achieve your pinnacle of health


The great news is there is an All Natural way to get rid of Acne, no chemicals. Healthway has a 4 Step process involving 4 products that is quick and easy and worth it!

Step 1 - Detox Therapy powder or tablets

Step 2 - Living Clay used as a face mask


Step 3 - Facial Cleanser for daily use


Step 4 - Sensicream for moisturising

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