The most important fact you need to know here is, your skin is the outward organ that will indicate to you what is happening within your body. Therefore if you are experiencing odd outbreaks and skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis it is your body talking to you. 


What can the causes of these outbreaks?  Well there can be a series of reasons, but most often it is;

1. Out of body, toxic build up: This can be caused by food, medication or even environmental pollutants. It basically means that you body has hit its celling, for consuming the certain chemical or food that it simply no longer can handle. The build up then becomes to great, forcing your body to try and rid itself of these toxins. How? But pushing them to the skins surface. So many people might have so many triggers and it may be a case of illumination or just avoidance, if you are aware of a trigger. Using the Heathway Detox Therapy you can also manage the toxins within your body, through a natural detox.

2. Internal toxic build up: This is toxins that our body produces internally, such as hormones~Stress, puberty, high levels of lactin or low levels of insulin. We need to live a balanced lifestyle, in that we need to eat a balanced diet, get moderate exercise, get enough sleep at night and keep our stress levels as low as possibly (not always possible). People often underplay the role of toxic hormones within our body and the truth is they are extremely dangerous! Many people with excessive stress might develop Psoriasis (Which is a skin condition, very closely linked to  stress).

3. Incorrect diet; lack of nutrition is a real concern! Most of us are all magnesium deficient which is one of our most important minerals as it is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in our body, including our bodies ability to absorb Calcium.  Another big one is our iron and vitamin C & B levels, a lack of these will leave a person's immune system very low and vulnerable as well as make a person feel weak, lethargic and drained daily. The best way to increase minerals like these,  is to take a Magnesium Supplement such as Healthway's Transdermal Spay. The reason I mention this one vs. others is that when magnesium is taken orally it takes 6 months + to reach its optimum levels, With the Transdermal Application you reach you levels within a month. Also one can up their green veggies (Kale, Broccoli, Green beans, Squash and many others) as they all contain generous levels of Iron.

4. Lack Of Water: Dehydration is a massive concern. Many people assume that unless you feel like death you cant possibly be dehydrated. When in actual fact living in a country with a climate like ours, dehydration is very much as common as the flu. The average person of 25 of average weight of either gender needs an average of 1-2 liters of water a day, during a heat wave add an extra liter. It helps in many ways, it helps replenish the water lost through perspiration and urination as well as it helps to rid the body of excess toxins much faster (In particular it is assistance to the Kidneys). Also if you want lovely radiant skin that will not be achieved if your body doesn't have enough moisture to go around, so drink up the H2O!

5.Lack of necessary rest: The need for a good night rest goes far beyond the desire to rid yourself of the ugly bugs under your eyes. Your body can not function if its restoration period (What we call sleep) is to short or disrupted. We all need a minimum of 8-10 hours sleep a night, another important fact to know is they say that sleep is one of those things that cannot be "caught up", once its gone its gone. The pattern of exhaustion can only be broken once the new habit of longer sleep has been established for 3-4 consecutive days. So rest up!

Follow these simple daily pointers to naturally improve the quality of your skin. Just remember what you put in, you will get out.