Is Clay safe and beneficial to use during and after pregnancy?

Well the great news is, YES.

As expectant moms-to-be we all want to insure our own health and the health of our unborn child is the best it can possibly be. Crazy to think that Nature has an incredible supplement for just that, Clay!

"In many cultures, women that want to bear children eat Calcium Montmorillonite and similar living clays. According to the research performed concerning this topic, is believed that living clay has an effect during menstruation that encourages conception. Naturalist physicians often recommend living clay as a supplement for women deemed sterile as an aid for conception. Furthermore, because this clay boasts detoxification properties, many women use it as a precursor to conception to create a healthier environment for the foetus to prosper; thus, increasing the chances for a healthy pregnancy." ( March 11, 2013 by Albert T. Milligan

Not only does it have benefits before conception by it helps ease the symptoms that some woman experience during pregnancy, such as nausea (morning sickness) and high heavy metal levels even toxaemia!

"Doctors recommend prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers, but in reality, all of the essential macro, micro, and trace elements that provide the foetus vital nutrients are provided by edible clay such as Calcium Montmorillonite. Outweighing the benefits of mere prenatal vitamins, living clay is still the worldwide reigning champion of aiding a healthy pregnancy on a global level."( March 11, 2013 by Albert T. Milligan

"The best news of all perhaps as an expectant mommy myself is that the benefits for baby don't stop after delivery in that one will be on Healthway's DETOX THERAPY and therefore will be at best health due to the Clay removing all impurities from my body. Therefore breastfeeding my little one will pass on this healthy start in life, rich with all trace minerals and clean breast milk!"

"Not only will mothers ensure that the breast milk their babies are receiving is healthy, but by eating clay, they will know that their young are receiving all the nutrients they need for optimal health."( March 11, 2013 by Albert T. Milligan

Tests were done 20+ years ago by a farmer on his pregnant pigs & cows, he noted that the ones he fed the blend of Calcium Montmorillonite & Zeolite, had better weighted off spring and the milk production was far superior!

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