We all know deep down that excessive sugar is a no no, so other than the weight gain why is this so?

Sugar actually have many negative effects on the body, thus why modern society is moving away from it in a big way. So what are the negative effects?

Well here are some of the concerns about sugar and our health:

1. It's addictive, due to the fact that when eaten sugar is said to release high amounts of dopamine. Which essentially means it should actually be classified as a addictive, drug related substance. Not that sugar will even be flagged As such. What would food companies do, hmmm maybe sell wholesome food!   

2. It's bad for our teeth, specially those developing young teeth and gums. Sugar promotes the development of bad bacteria in ones mouth, specially since the sugar and gunk gets stick in between you teeth and if brushing and flossing isn't done religiously a build up can occur. 

3. It can overload ones liver. Sugar contains fructose, now this part of sugar can only be broken down by the liver. Therefore when large amounts are consumed, instead of the small amounts we are meant to have like in fruit and then burnt off during activity. That fructose sits there, unused and turns to glycogen, which when left in the liver compounds and turns lethal. The liver then struggles to work through it all and it turns to Dense fat, as imput doesn't match the output. Putting high levels of stress on the liver.

4. It can raise glucose levels dangerously high in ones blood, and elevated blood sugars levels can cause insulin resistance as the body cannot cope and then later of untreated Type II Diabeties. Which had a whole list of negatives all of its own.

5. Sugar Often causes inflammation internally. Now that doesn't seem major to some people, but reoccurring inflammation in certain areas (i.e. Internally) has been said to lead to cancer  causing attributes.

6. It negatively effects our hormones. Everyone's body reacts differently, some people react to fructose or glucose or both. Due to the mixed signals that body receives from out of balance hormones, it can actually cause increased calorie intake.

7. It raises your cholesterol and therefore increases the risk of heart related issues. This still remains the number 1 killer world wide.

8. Foods containing high amounts of sugar generally go hand in hand with other ingredients, that in higher amounts are also really not great for ones health. Ingredients such as palm oil (which has also been linked to cancer causing components)

9. It is empty calories! So why fill your body with food or items that don't better your body. After all we only have one body in this life time.

In concision know what you are putting into you body, and most importantly be aware of what you are feeding your children. Knowledge is power and Mother Nature has so many treats, treats like berries and fruit that our bodies are meant to break down. Be wise.