Pet Detox Therapy

Pet Detox Therapy

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The combination of the Pet Detox Therapy ingredients is an excellent DAILY supplement for dogs and cats
Suitable for long term use.

What can you use the Pet Detox Therapy For:

⦁ Skin Conditions.
⦁ Dry flaky skin.
⦁ Mange .
⦁ Detox from poison.


Animals are often allergic to certain foods or environmental challenges such as grass and fleas develop an allergic reaction. Allergens are produced by the body to counteract the allergy are built up in the body. The skin, the body’s largest organ to eliminate impurities, is used by the body as a dumping ground.

Our blend of Calcium Montmorillonite & Zeolite is magnetically charged to draw all these allergens OUT of the blood when it is taken internally through the gastro intestinal tract. All impurities, toxins, allergens and heavy metals, in fact everything that the body is eliminating on a daily basis, is drawn out of the blood and attracted to the Pet Detox Therapy blend where it is held in the molecular structure and eliminated with the stool. Therefore allowing the
body to function, heal and recover better due to the lower level of allergens and impurities in the system.