Mature Skin – Regime Bag


What are the 3 products?

  1. Mineral Mask: Drawing out impurities from the skin’s surface, using a purely organic ingredient. Helping to visibly reduce pimples. (250g)
  2. Cleanser:Vegetable based Glycerin and rooibos soap facial cleanser with added magnesium oil to help tone and germanium oil, perfect for delicate skin. (250ml)
  3. Ultra Moisturiser: Healthway has produced a rich natural moisturiser with natural oils, the base of this moisturiser contains Shea butter and adds moisturise to the skins surface without needing to constantly re-apply.(150g)





These three products form a brilliant natural skin Regime for Mature skin. All three products are hypoallergenic and will help increase the health of your skin.



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