Psoriasis Skin Concern

Four simple steps:

Systemic Detox Therapy

A combination of two different molecular form of volcanic ash, Calcium Montmorillonite and Zeolite combined form a formidable natural detox team. Once ingested draws impurities, toxins, some bad bacteria and heavy metals to mention a few. only removing the negative /rejected impurities out of the body as it sweaps the colon clean. Thus going to the root of the Psoriasis instead of simply treating the symptoms.


Mineral body mask

The purest form of a topical treatment one could ask for. 100% organic mineral enriched with Calcium Montmorillonite, once mixed with water and applied to the Psoriasis area this clay will start to sooth, cool and stimulate blood circulation and draw all the impurities our from under the skin. Leaving the skin feeling calmed and clean.


ultra-mineral moisturiser

A dense moisturiser with a non-oily feel. Specially formulated for skin conditions such as Psoriasis in mind. It is a hypoallergenic all natural cream that can be used on open wounds for soothing, calming and healing. The moisturisers active ingredient is the Calcium Montmorillonite and thus while applied is re-introducing healing.


coconut soap bar

A vegetable based glycerin soap specially developed for people looking for an all natural soap. Designed for people with skin conditions in mind, this soap is fragrance-free and will not irritate the skin. While cleaning the skin it will also add moisturise to the skin.