Deodorant Spray - Ylang Ylang

Deodorant Spray - Ylang Ylang

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YLANG YLANG Essential Oil scent. 


This all natural magnesium oil based deodorant spray is a non-toxic options for the conscious buyer. One of the main benefits of transdermal Magnesium is odor elimination and essentially a detox of the arm pits.

80% of the population is magnesium deficient and this deodorant spray is a brilliant way to up those magnesium levels and eliminate odor. 

The Magnesium Oil will absorb transdermally and can improve your skin’s health, general metabolism and help improve sleep quality

There are many other amazing benefits to using magnesium including: increasing bioavailability of calcium, increasing blood circulation, relieving body aches & pains, reducing headaches/migraines, helping to regulate blood pressure and encourages regular digestion.

*NOT TO BE USED ON RECENTLY WAXED OR SHAVED ARM PITS OR OPEN SKIN, WILL STING. Tingling while absorption occurs is normal.