Mineral Exfoliating Mask

Mineral Exfoliating Mask

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Mineral Exfoliating Mask

A therapeutic Mineral Face Masks with added kernels to exfoliate


Ingredients: Calcium Montmorillonite, Apricot Kernels and Orange essential Oil


The Purest Form of a mask one could ask for, just as nature intended.

The best way to nurture your skin naturally and stimulate the skin cells would be with this finely milled Calcium Montmorillonite and apricot kernels mix exfoliating mask. It comes in powder form and the benefits of the clay used are activated with water, once wet the clay builds up a negative charge and attracts positively charged toxins, impurities, and allergens out of the skin. The Clay also stimulates blood circulation when applied and encouraged new skin cell regeneration, and the milled apricot kernels when lightly rubbed on the faces surface very lightly exfoliates removing dead skin cells. This mineral exfoliating mask is safe for all ages and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Please do not use on broken skin, as kernels will irritate the skin and get stuck.


Why should you exfoliate

Ensuring your skin is properly clean means your skin can essentially thrive and absorb nutrients. Even though we clean our face daily with water or a face wash, stubborn dead skin cells stick around and block the pores and makes the pores look larger than they are.


How to use:

Mix 2 Tbsp with 2 Tbsp of warm water in a 50/50 Ratio, allow the clay time to absorb the water and gently mix into a paste and apply to the face. Stay clear of the area around your eyes. For best results use twice a week on the face for 15 - 20 minutes at a time (KEEP DAMP) and massage the skins surface lightly.  The Clay will stimulate the circulation, reverse free radical damage from the sun, the kernels will ever so lightly exfoliate leaving the skin incredible smooth and clean.

Extra tips:

  • For dry skins, add Jojoba oil or moisturising oil of your choice to the paste - 5-10 drops ½ tsp per scoop.
  • Apply to skin with a soft bristle brush or fingers and gently rub in circular motion to exfoliate.
  • Keep mask damp on the skin to extend the effectiveness of the cleansing drawing action.
  • After 15 to 20 minutes remove slowly using warm water and a face cloth.
  • Wash off thoroughly and moisturise with a Moisturiser, suitable for your skin type.



Note: Not to be used on broken skin or skin with skin conditions such as Eczema, dramatic acne or sun burnt skin.

The drawing power of Mineral Clay may draw more pimples and impurities to the surface.