Pet Detox Therapy

Pet Detox Therapy

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Dog and Cats can build up allergies to foods and environmental challenges just like humans. There bodies react just like ours and often the skin reacts, which can present as dry skin, rashes, itchy irritated skin. Their body produces allergens to counteract allergies that are built up in the body. 

Pet Detox Therapy is a daily supplement for dogs and cats, suitable for long term use.

What can you use the Pet Detox Therapy For:

  • Mange
  • Dry irritated skin
  • General Dietary health
  • Healthy coat
  • Various skin conditions

The Ingredients are:

Pet Detox is made up of 4 key ingredients. The first two ingredients work together to detox the animals system by drawing all the allergens OUT of the blood when it is taken internally through the gastro intestinal tract. Impurities, toxins, allergens and heavy metals are attracted and eliminated with the stool. 

The third ingredient is flaxseed powder, Flaxseed powder is packed full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These two fatty acids will help keep your dog's or cat's coat shiny and their skin healthy. Flaxseed also has anti-inflammatory properties - which can give your pet's immune system a boost!

The final Ingredient is kelp (Seaweed) Powder, this powder can also help with allergy symptoms and control. Kelp powder is also high in fiber, it is easy for your pet to digest and can improve their overall digestive health.