Pimples & Acne Therapy Kit

Pimples & Acne Therapy Kit

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A pure and natural approach to managing your pimples & Acne while helping control the oil production of the skin. No pharmaceutical products or ingredients. At Healthway we believe in treating the root of the cause and not just the symptoms. We have a five-step process that has allowed us to help people for 14 years. ALL NATURAL

What are the 5 enclosed products?

  1. 1. Systemic Detox Therapy: (200g)This Detox is a blend of two volcanic minerals which draw positively charged impurities out of the blood and carrying them out of the body. Once the blood has been cleansed the skin will recover automatically.
  2. Skin Therapy Application:(200g)Drawing out impurities from the skin's surface, using a purely organic ingredient. Helping to visibly reduce pimples.
  3. Cleanser: (100ml)Vegetable based Glycerin and rooibos soap facial cleanser with added magnesium oil to help tone and germanium oil, perfect for delicate skin.
  4. Mineral Moisturising: (100g)This is mandatory. Healthway has produced a natural moisturiser with volcanic minerals and natural oils to do just the job, the properties of the volcanic minerals make all the difference for your skin
  5. Spot Treatment: (11ml) A perfectly balanced and potent spot control. This blend once applied to a pimple will clean, dry out and help get rid of pimples fast and effectively.

**Please Note: The Systemic Detox Therapy used, is a natural product, and although it has been used successful the help people for conditions and natural detox it is not tested by the medical control council. We do not claim to heal or remove medical conditions.