Rooibos Soap Bar

Rooibos Soap Bar

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Single soap bar 170g

A lovingly crafted vegetable based glycerin soap with added Calcium Montmorillonite, with its incredible properties and Rooibos tea, which is an anti-oxidant, blended in. Change from the toxic commercial soaps that are not beneficial to the environment or your family. It is safe to use on all ages leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

  • Natural hypoallergenic soap which can be used for the face as well.
  • Safe for all ages.
  • Used in treating skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis & allergy prone skins.
  • Can be used as a solid shaving bar when used with a brush.
  • Anti bacterial, antioxidant properties with added healing benefits of Living Clay


Ingredients: Vegetable Based Glycerin, Calcium Montmorillonite and Rooibos Soap


*Soap Weight Fluctuates between 160g to 180g as they are handmade items.